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VLOG VIDEO video are awarded may make money city : show your city lifestyle : what’s going on? show lifestyle, everyday activity, entertainment directory, gazette broadcast pov activity : any activity filmed with point of view camera. e.g. playing sports in pov music show : perform professional music show film show : perform professional film show entertainment show : perform professional entertainment show sports : professional sports store : selling or advertising goods and services in own store cityvol video broadcast minimum 576p preferred 1080p Video broadcasts are automatically ready for making cityvol credits 5 min broadcast NO commercial break 15 min broadcast ONE commercial break In cityvol every broadcast is professionally presented for the viewer cityvol credits the currency may be converted to other currency cityvol locals can get credits by performing video, blog, broadcasts or get credits by completing gigs skill jobs coaching, modelling, developing., completed from internet MARKETPLACE browse marketplace posts with coupon codes gigs electronics clothing food beverage toys activity